Single Deck Vibratory Separator

Convenient interchangeable decks offer different textures to accommodate a wide range of seed separations.
Fine tune and document your process using Digital Counters that display the settings for each Bulk Vibratory unit.
Typical separations:
Dodder from Carrots, Crimson Clover, Red Clover and similar seeds
Curly Dock from Blue Grass and Crimson Clover
Morning Glory from Soybean
Pigweed from Alfalfa and Alyssum
Sweet Vernal Grass from Ryegrass
Milled Bermuda Grass from White Clover
Seed Buttons from Onion Seeds

Features and Specifications:

Easy to read inclinometers show the deck angles to facilitate accurate setups.
Reliable Syntron™ Vibratory Feeders transport the Bulk Seeds and vibrate the Seed Deck.
Fully Adjustable Bulk Seed Hopper holds 500 cc.
Polyurethane Coated Furniture Grade Plywood construction and Rubber Vibration Damping Pad for quite operation.
Deposits the Separated Fractions into one of three 1,000 cc Collection Containers.
Magnet Sheet holds the Collection Containers in place during operation.

SD1001           Single Deck Vibratory Separator 115-125 Volts, 50-60 HZ, 90 Watts
SD1002           Single Deck Vibratory Separator 220-240 Volts, 50-60 Hz , 90 Watts

Requires seed deck from list below for operation.
Size and Weight Crated: 19 W, 48 L, 23 H inches (48, 122, 59 cm) at 132 lbs (60 kg)


ESS0008         Hand Switch, Coiled Cord and Plug
ESS0009         Foot Switch, 6 ft Cord & Plug
ESS0170         Funnel Style Hopper, 1000 cc flat bottom for extra capacity

SD0100-036    Seed Deck, 36 Grit Alum Oxide (Extremely Coarse)
SD0100-050    Seed Deck, 50 Grit Alum Oxide (Very Coarse)
SD0100-080    Seed Deck, 80 Grit Alum Oxide (Coarse)
SD0100-120    Seed Deck, 120 Grit Silicon Carbide (Slightly Coarse)
SD0100-150    Seed Deck, 150 Grit Silicon Carbide (Medium)
SD0100-180    Seed Deck, 180 Grit Silicon Carbide (Somewhat Fine)
SD0100-220    Seed Deck, 220 Grit Silicon Carbide (Fine)
SD0100-320    Seed Deck, 320 Grit Silicon Carbide (Very Fine)
SD0100-400    Seed Deck, 400 Grit Silicon Carbide (Extra Fine)
SD0100-600    Seed Deck, 600 Grit Silicon Carbide (Extremely Fine)

SD0100-B       Seed Deck, Bare Aluminum (Grained)
SD0100-C       Seed Deck, Canvas Surface (Rough Texture)
SD0100-MC     Seed Deck, Microcloth (Fuzzy Texture)
SD0100-P       Seed Deck, Polished Stainless (Slick)
SD0100-SB     Seed Deck, Sand Blasted