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Domestic Sales (USA)

Quotations: Contact our sales department by email, fax or phone for price and delivery information.

Payment: Payment is due at shipment unless credit terms are established at time of order. Preferred methods of payment for parts and accessory purchases is credit or debit card thru PayPal. Payment methods for equipment purchases will be by prearrangement. Company checks may be acceptable by prearrangement.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Shipping Point: Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Carrier: FedEx Ground is the standard routing; charges are prepaid and added to the invoice. Different levels of service, freight collect options and other carriers available upon customer request.

Lead Times: Quoted lead times are from receipt of order until ship date from our facility. They only are typical and are subject to quotation for each order. Please allow for transit time in your planning.

Discrepancies: Please notify OEM in writing (letter, fax or email) within 30 days of any problems with your order. Do not return merchandise without a return authorization number.

Quotations: OEM issues written quotations for your requirements that are valid for 60 days.

Purchase Orders: Written, signed purchase orders or letters of intent are required for all orders. A signed fax or email memo, if binding on your organization, is acceptable as a purchase order. All purchase order changes, including schedule adjustments are to be in writing. A fax or email is acceptable.

Country of Origin: All goods are made in the USA unless otherwise specified.

Cancellation or Termination: When a buyer cancels or terminates an order for their convenience, they may be liable for material and/or work in progress. The buyer shall notify OEM in writing (fax or email) of proposed changes to the Purchase Order.

Minimum Order $50 merchandise total on orders shipped from inventory exclusive of shipping charges.

Disputes: Contractual disputes shall be settled by binding arbitration in the State of Oregon, regardless of the location of the buyer.

Acceptance: All orders are subject to acceptance and written confirmation by OEM. At its sole discretion, OEM may refuse any order for any reason.

Certifications: Requests for certificates of origin, conformance, materials, processes and/or regulatory approvals must be clearly specified on the original order.