About Us

In fall of 2006, OEM, Inc. (OEM) acquired full rights to the Mater Seed Equipment product line. After working behind the scenes since 1999 as the product manufacturer, Brad Whiting, president of OEM, was pleased and honored to take the reins and build on the foundation established by long time friend and colleague, Dr. Jean Mater.

Dr. Mater led the marketing and sales efforts dating back to the 1950’s when Mater Seed Equipment, then a division of Mater Machine Works, first responded to the seed industry’s need for productivity enhancing equipment. Mater, in cooperation with Oregon State University, commercialized equipment initially developed under USDA grants.

As it has for over 50 years, Mater Seed Equipment remains focused on serving the changing needs of seed laboratories, researchers and producers.


Mater Seed Equipment

Improve seed industry productivity and benefit workers by providing versatile, new or improved, equipment. Incorporate ergonomic features that reduce worker fatigue.

OEM, Inc.

Design and manufacture reliable, cost effective equipment to meet challenges in material processing, seed processing and inspection, asphalt pavement testing and semiconductor manufacture.

OEM, Inc.
Scientific Equipment and Laboratory Instrument Maker