Seed Processing Equipment

Mater Continuous Blower

Continuous Blower

Infinitely variable speed for close separations.

Mater Batch Debearder

Batch Debearder

Convenient for small lot processing.

Mater Continuous Debearder

Continuous Debearder

Quicker than multiple batches.

Mater Pneumatic Seed Scarifier

Pneumatic Scarifier

Process small samples quickly.

Mater Vibratory Seed Separator

Vibratory Separator

Separates seeds based on surface texture.

ErgoVision Seed Inspection Equipment

Mater ErgoVision System Seed Inspection Station

Ergostation Inspection Stations

Deliver greater productivity with less operator fatigue. Used by high volume small parts manufacturers too. Shown with Leica Stereo Microscope.

Configured for your choice of optics:

  • Stereo Microscope
  • Mantis Inspection Magnifier
  • Video Camera and Monitor System

Germination and Planting

Mater vacuum seed counting heads

Vacuum counting heads

Many sizes of vacuum seed counting heads with custom hole size, count, and layout available.

Mater manual vacuum planting valve

Vacuum valves, Manual

We have manual vacuum planting valves for easy control of your planting heads.

Mater electric vacuum planting valve

Vacuum valves, Electric

We also have electrically controlled planting valves with a foot switch that leaves your hands free.